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2017 WCJ Call For Entries!

     Adult Entry Form          Elementary School Entry           MS/High School Entry                  

The Willow Creek Journal is a wonderful collection of local and regional art, prose, and poetry. This is a chance for the community to see their works in a professionally produced magazine that captures the themes and realities of life in the Creede area.

Deadline: February 28, 2017 
The Creede Arts Council Willow Creek Journal is published annually and contains writing
and artwork by residents and visitors to Creede, Mineral County and the San Luis Valley. 
Entry Rules: A total of 3 entries may be submitted (e.g. 2 art and 1 prose)

Writers – Submit up to three (3) pieces of original work:
   Poetry (up to 50 lines)
   Short essays, or short stories up to 750 words (Short Short Story: 200 word limit)
   Long essays or stories up to 1,250 words (Space is limited in the WCJ, so we can only include one or two of these stories in print.)

Artists –  Submit up to three (3) original works: paintings, drawings, etchings and/or photographs.

       Cash Prizes Awarded to selected 1st place entries in the following categories:
Adult Poetry: $50        Short, Short Story (200 word limit): $50        Long Story (1,250 word limit): $50 

Ribbons and/or Trophies will be awarded to selected entries in the following categories:Elementary Poetry     Elementary Art            Middle School Art        Middle School Poetry
High School Art          High School Poetry     High School Short Story

To Enter...($10/Adult, Students-FREE)
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2016 Willow Creek Journal (click here)