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Look for the Willow Creek Journal on the counter in local Creede businesses.

The Willow Creek Journal is a wonderful collection of local and regional art, prose, and poetry. This is a chance for the community to see their works in a professionally produced magazine that captures the themes and realities of life in the Creede area. The WCJ is published annually and contains writing and artwork by residents and visitors to Creede, Mineral County and the San Luis Valley. 
                                          This year's winners...
              Adult Poetry:                                 Terry Coombs - "Mi Amigo"
              Short, Short Story:                        Carol Geil - "The Lights of Creede"
              1st Place Middle School Poetry:    Klara Mankowski - "I Follow the Stars"
              2nd Place Middle School Poetry:   Leah Arnold - "Every Girl Needs a Friend"
              3rd Place Middle School Poetry:    Sofia Branda - "My Beat"
              Elementary Poetry:                         Tessa Vita - "Creede"              

              1st Place Art:                                 Triston Johnson - "Wrapped Eagle"
              2nd Place Art:                                Dane Fluke - "Ansel Adams 2"
              1st Place Middle School Art:          Mamie Hess - "Raccoon"                 


2016 Willow Creek Journal (click here)